Whenever, wherever – Bring your beauty routine with you! 

The superstar ingredient in nutricosmetics, collagen is a vital protein that maintains the integrity and strength of our skin, hair, nails, and joints. Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, making up around 30% of the total protein content. With aging, the collagen production in our bodies reduces, which among others, influences our physical appearance, and we can see the emergence of wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging.

However, not all collagen supplements are created equal. When choosing your collagen supplement, make sure it contains collagen peptides. These are tiny particles of collagen that are easily absorbed by the body. They are made by hydrolyzing collagen, which breaks down the collagen molecules into smaller peptides. Hydrolyzed collagen is more easily absorbed by the body than traditional collagen, making it more effective. 

Beauty supplement shots are one of the most convenient and easy ways to increase collagen intake. These are ready-to-drink, palatable, easy to take anywhere, and an excellent fit for the beauty market, thanks to their premium format. 

Beauty on the go! 

Convenience is one of the most significant selling points of liquid collagen shots for beauty brands targeting busy individuals. Beauty on the go shots are easy to take on the go and can be consumed in seconds: a short shake, open and drink up the beauty elixir. This makes them perfect for active people who want to maintain their beauty and wellness routine while on the go or traveling. Especially when traveling, it can be challenging to maintain a healthy diet and regular skincare routine. Jet lag, different time zones, and unfamiliar foods can all take a toll on the body and skin. Nutricosmetics can help fill in any gaps in your nutrition and provide extra support for your skin. For example, in addition to collagen peptides, certain vitamins, and minerals, such as vitamins C, E, and zinc, have been shown to affect the skin positively. 

Keep your skin and body routine going when you are on the go! It is a smart approach to plan your nutrition simultaneously with planning your trip. Your body doesn’t need a day off from much-needed nutrients. Stay nutritioned on your next trip by bringing some collagen peptides shots in your carry-on or even handbag. It is not a secret that airplane cabins have extremely low humidity, which leads to skin dehydration and dryness. To prevent the damage this might cause, it is essential to drink a lot of water when on board, but it is also highly recommended to supplement your skin with beauty formulations that support skin hydration. 

Furthermore, palatability and taste are critical factors in liquid collagen shots. Unlike powder or capsule collagen supplements that can be chalky or difficult to swallow, liquid collagen shots are smooth and easy to drink. TOSLA’s collagen shots are formulated with VELIOUS™ Masking Technology and natural flavors and contain no sugars. This makes them a tasty and enjoyable addition to your daily routine without compromising on a healthy diet. 

Keep it stable! 

The next collagen peptides shots advantage is stability. Did you know that ready-to-drink collagen products can degrade collagen over time? If there is a change in the product’s color, if there is also an off odor and change of the texture, there is a chance of collagen degradation. For the color change, the Maillard reaction is to be blamed. This is a chemical reaction that happens between sugars and amino acids, which are the building blocks of collagen. 

Most of the collagen-containing liquid supplements on the market today are poorly designed. Thus, we can see many liquids turning darker over time. The cause for this is a stability issue resulting in unwanted brown pigments, off-flavors, losses of essential amino acids, and even the formation of potentially harmful mutagenic properties. The loss of essential amino acids is especially problematic for collagen supplements. However, thanks to VELIOUS™ Masking Technology, TOSLA Nutricosmetics’s tasty beauty from within formulations have no sugars. Not only this makes collagen peptides shots a healthy option, but it prevents the Maillard reaction, keeping the taste, color, and, most importantly, potency of the beauty from within formulation stable. 

There’s nothing left to fear If you trust us here! 

If you want to expand your portfolio with collagen peptides shots, TOSLA Nutricosmetics has got you covered! With our new line, we can offer large quantities of hydrolyzed collagen shots packed in bottles of 30 ml and 60 ml. This convenient packaging gives you the luxury of bringing your daily collagen peptides wherever you go – a single dose of packaging in a small bottle fits perfectly in a suitcase, gym bag, briefcase, handbag, or pocket. The small doses are perfect for traveling by plane, keeping your skin hydrated, and boosting your wellness even in the air. The beauty from within shots should be something your consumers will bring on all their next trips. 

Collagen peptides shots are an excellent choice for anyone searching for a convenient, ready-to-drink, easy-to-travel with the option to bring their beauty anywhere and anytime with them. They are a popular and convenient way to supplement your daily collagen intake. They offer many benefits, including improved skin, hair, and nail health and reduced joint pain. At TOSLA Nutricosmetics, we make your beauty from within shots tasty, palatable, and formulated with high-quality, hydrolyzed collagen peptides. They are an excellent fit for the beauty market and are an easy and effective way to maintain your beauty and wellness routine. 

So why wait? Bring your beauty routine with you, wherever, whenever! Always keep your beauty shot near. 

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