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Forward>> is TOSLA’s ESG initiative that was launched in 2022. As a socially responsible organization, sustainability is at our core. We tirelessly seek ways to create positive impacts across environmental, social, and governance fronts. From our infrastructure to community involvement, sustainability guides every aspect of our operation.


We recognize the urgent need to address the pressing environmental issues facing our planet.

Working towards reducing our carbon footprint, promoting responsible resource usage, and adopting eco-friendly business practices.


We are committed to promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion within our organization and the broader community.

Supporting social causes that align with our values and mission.


We uphold a steadfast commitment to ethical conduct, transparency, and accountability across all facets of our operations.

By maintaining rigorous governance standards, we strive to build trust and confidence among our stakeholders while generating enduring value for all.

is B Corp Certified

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We challenge

the industry norms by pushing the boundaries and setting new standards for the production of tasty nutricosmetics with great emphasis on sustainability.

We innovate

relentlessly, by harnessing the latest scientific discoveries and technological advancements to create revolutionary enjoyable nutricosmetics solutions that actually work.

We educate

and empower broader public with knowledge, helping them make informed decisions about their beauty and wellness journey.

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Decrease our Carbon Footprint

At a crossroads where profit met purpose, we chose the latter with conviction.

Lead & inspire the industry

Share our knowledge with the industry, because we can only move forward by establishing reciprocal relationships within the market.

Be the best place to work at

We are a people-first organization. We’re committed to building a safe, diverse and inclusive community.

Support the local community

Making a tangible difference in the lives of those who call this community home.

In service of our partners

We commit to developing a high-level trust relationship and constantly learn and improving our partnerships.

Offer products people can trust

Above anything else – our ready-to-drink products are safe. Each formulation is consciously developed to be efficacious, easy to use, and enjoyable to consume.

our carbon

At a crossroads where profit met purpose, we chose the latter with conviction.

By embracing renewable energy, optimizing logistics, and fostering a culture of sustainability, we stand proud balancing between progress and preservation.


Further decrease the carbon footprint per liter of our products.

We achieved a 10% reduction in 2023.


Continue reducing the average output waste volume per unit of our product; 

In 2023 we successfully decreased it by 30%


Further advance our sustainability commitment by leveraging our current solar power plan to cover a minimum of 60% of the company’s total electricity consumption in 2024, building upon existing efforts.

In 2023 we covered more than 30%.% reduction in 2023.


Continue our initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the implementation of electric vehicles for employees, building on progress made
in 2023.

We traveled the equivalent distance around Earth at the equator in green kilometers.

Be the
best place
to work at

When our people thrive, so does TOSLA.

Following that statement, we understand that our greatest asset walks through our doors every morning, ready to contribute their talents, passions, and aspirations to our collective mission.

By cultivating an environment of respect, support, and growth, we foster a sense of belonging and enable employees to progress and develop personally.
We are not talking about the typical nine-to-five grind, but a culture of inclusivity and empowerment, we strive to nurture the holistic well-being of every individual who calls TOSLA home.

We aim to optimize employees’ work-life balance, career development and other opportunities accordingly, as well as provide opportunities for young people to gain valuable work experience and find their place in the workforce.

gender pay gap

Continue efforts to diminish the gender pay gap.

In 2023, achieved a gender
pay gap of 24% – in favor of women.

basic salary

Surpassed the objective to ensure that the basic monthly salary at TOSLA exceeds the legally mandated minimum wage in the Republic of Slovenia by at least 10%. 

Achieved a remarkable 17.6% increase beyond the minimum wage threshold in 2023.


Persist in advocating for gender diversity in leadership roles.

Achieved a representation of women in leadership positions at 37.5%, surpassing the targeted minimum of 30% in 2023.

the local

Located in the beautiful Vipava Valley, we are committed to preserving local traditions. We feel privileged to be able to extend our activities and support towards all of the people and organizations close to us – both figuratively and literally.

Through investments in our community, be it through charitable donations, volunteer initiatives, or partnerships with local organizations, our aim is to make a tangible impact.

By uplifting one another, we cultivate a sense of belonging, pride, and solidarity among residents, collectively working towards a brighter, more resilient future.

In 2023, we collaborated with numerous organizations, including the national Opera and Ballet, paradancers, women’s football club, art symposiums, music festivals, and more. Moving forward, our mission continues with renewed vigor, aiming to expand our support and thereby promote creativity, inclusivity & innovation.

We proudly supported

In service of
our partners

Understanding that our success is inseparable from the satisfaction and trust of those we work with, we prioritize their needs above all else. Every decision we make, every innovation we pursue, is guided by a singular focus: to enhance their experience and exceed their expectations.

A sustainable relationship with our customers, partners and subcontractors is conditioned by high-quality services and a high level of security. Following our sustainabilty goals, when choosing suppliers, we are always prioritizing those who follow the ESG policy and we commit to doing that also in the future.

Last but not least, we put a lot of additional effort into understanding what they value and on what basis they build trust towards us. Some of our biggest partners have been working with us ever since our company was founded; we believe that is because of our unbroken promise to them.

We proudly supported