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Unveiling a Milestone in Nutricosmetic Science: Our Landmark Collagen Study 

We are elated to share the publication of our groundbreaking clinical study in the esteemed Journal of Functional Foods. This rigorous 12-week study, involving 109 healthy female participants exemplifies our unwavering commitment to scientific validation and our mission to deliver beauty and wellness through science.

The double-blind, placebo-controlled trial meticulously assessed the effects of our collagen-based supplements, incorporating daily doses of 10 grams of hydrolysed fish collagen, alone and in synergy with 1.5 grams of methylsulphonylmethane (MSM). The findings are a testament to the potency of our formula, revealing significant enhancements in dermis density, skin texture, and wrinkle reduction with all active products. Notably, the inclusion of MSM in the supplements marked a substantial improvement in skin thickness and roughness, and our higher dose collagen, paired with MSM, proved essential for increased skin hydration. 

With 107 participants completing the trial without any reported side effects, our study is a pioneering achievement in the collagen supplement landscape. 

In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we pledge to continue our investment in scientific research, with at least one new clinical study each year. These studies serve as a cornerstone for our clients, fortifying the credibility of their beauty claims with robust scientific backing. 

The full study, published in the Journal of Functional Foods, is available HERE.

Join us as we forge the path toward a new era of beauty and wellness. Our products are not just supplements; they are a promise of beauty, enjoyment, and proven scientific efficacy. 

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