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We provide the leading brands with flexible, full-stack nutricosmetics product development and production service revolving around our battle-proven liquid collagen formulations.


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We provide the leading brands with flexible, full-stack nutricosmetics product development and production service revolving around our battle-proven liquid collagen formulations.

About Us Tosla


We focus exclusively on the products and ingredients that act as nutritional supplements that care for skin, nails, and hair’s natural beauty. The products that work from the inside, products that promote beauty and wellness from within.

Evolving from a food-tech company initially, we now work on blurring the food and cosmetics industry lines. We are following a natural evolution of a classic beauty routine, where consumers are moving from a high number of different products in front of their bathroom mirror to putting a part of it in their fridge and kitchen.

Tosla Collagen production



The core of every nutricosmetics product and the main driver for consumers to consider changing their beauty or healthcare routines.


The crucial differentiating factor in the industry. Taste, appearance, and ease of use are at the center of our R&D efforts.

Safety &

Safe and stable formulations are simply the industry standard or even a cost of entry, for any nutricosmetics product.


Products financial viability is the main reason for constantly improving and optimizing our manufacturing and other processes.

Company Timeline


Primoz Artac, a former private equity executive, quits his job and starts Tosla.

Four years before his nutricosmetics’ vision has materialized, Tosla starts as a food-tech company, eventually working with some of the biggest names in the European food space.

The company’s initial incorporation takes place in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


We developed our first liquid compound product offering a year after the company launch. We built the first Slovenian production facility in Ajdovscina, Slovenia, to produce the newly developed products.

Starting with two critical European clients, the company grew rapidly and set the crucial foundation for a new strategic direction in the coming years.


The newly formed R&D department has shifted its focus into the nutricosmetics area.

Tosla was the first major third-party producer to research ingestible cosmetics ingredients actively. We mainly focused on taste, appearance, smell, and convenience, the full spectrum of customer experience. This specific technical know-how acquisition created a backbone for all further development.


Growing at about 110% annually, the company gets recognized as an award-winning innovation startup.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, it became evident that this would have an earthquake magnitude effect on the industry.

Time has finally come to outgrow the startup status and make a complete strategic shift.


We gained our first significant nutricosmetics accounts in the UK and USA.

We built new HQ, storage, and R&D facilities to support the accelerated growth. The R&D concentrated on stability and clinical studies, supporting the company’s move to corporate accounts in the global cosmetics industry.


Tosla formed industry strategic partnerships to reach global clients and became one of the driving forces of progress in the nutricosmetics industry.

Tosla expanded its digitalization, workplace well-being, research, development, and production capabilities to serve the innovation-driven market for edible beauty, health, and wellness products.


Constructing Tosla 3, TOSLA’s new super factory, and its new headquarters. These developments will enable Tosla to continue its impressive growth trajectory and work towards its goal of reaching the 100 million euro revenue mark.

As the nutricosmetics industry continues to evolve, TOSLA is poised to remain at the forefront of the field, driving progress and delivering exceptional products and services to its customers.

We believe that in these superficial times, we can use science, technology, and transparency to move us beyond the surface, to a more genuine world.