Management Policy

Our mission is to develop food supplements that blur the lines between topical and ingestible cosmetics while demonstrating a commitment to environmental and social responsibility in the beauty and well-being industry.

Helping brands satisfy customers’ appetite for beauty, wellness, and health supplements., by using upcycled materials (collagen) in the process.

With our work, we aim to contribute to the development of the nutricosmetic sector by developing, producing, and promoting visible results oriented towards taste, clinical affirmation, and convenient dietary supplements for beauty, well-being, and health by the year 2030. Our product will support aging adults’ life goals and lifestyles by providing them with nutritious diets that allow them to invest much fresh energy into their new activities. To truly define the sector, we must become the central point for beauty, wellness, and health brands that strive to provide consumers the benefits of remaining active and healthy even in their adult life.

In the processes, we take into account and fulfill the requirements of the ISO 22000 standard, the requirements of the prerequisite programs ISO/TS 22002-1, as well as the requirements of the FSSC 22000 and the cGMP standard, which ensure food safety. We consider good manufacturing practice (GMP), the knowledge and experience of employees, the requirements of interested parties, and the legislation requirements, and we control recognized processes, equipment, and technological transgressions.
Defined by the top management, the food safety management policy fits the purpose, is a framework for setting goals, and is communicated and used at all levels of the organization. To the employees, it is available on the notice board and the website to interested parties.
We realize the set goals in accordance with the requirements of the standard.

We fulfill our mission/purpose with satisfied colleagues who are constantly educated and trained. We enable employees’ personal growth, improve processes, and ensure food safety.
Employees have the necessary knowledge and experience in the field of good hygiene and production practice, and food safety.

The economics of society is derived from the realization that the value added is a measure of efficiency and performance and a guarantee.

We know that taking care of the working environment, personal hygiene, and excellent infrastructure is the basis for employees’ successful work and achieving the desired results. We ensure traceability in the entire chain and have established procedures in the event of a recall or withdrawal. We have recognized significant food safety hazards that may arise in the process and are controlled by control measures.

Incorporating upcycled collagen material in our products is a step towards achieving our environmental goals by reducing waste and supporting a circular economy.

In the development phase, we are conducting a risk assessment of the new product. This considers the most recent expert positions and scientific bases. In developing new products, we accept measures that fully control or reduce risks to the lowest possible level in all food or feed safety areas. We consider customers’ wishes and legislation in development, so the developed products are high quality, safe and stable. We consider customers’ wishes and legislation during the development, so the developed products are of high quality and safety.

The established internal control is based on the open communication of all participating in providing safe foods or feed. The company has a defined scheme of internal and external communication.

Our company’s highest objective is to produce a quality product that will be safe and consistent with the legislation.
At the workplace, we want to ensure above average and humane conditions in work and life.

Behavior and attitude towards the culture of ensuring food safety is expressed in the consistency, accuracy, and correctness of the implementation of defined tasks and work procedures, which affect the individual’s knowledge and motivation, competence, understanding, level of hygiene awareness, attitude towards work, job satisfaction, human and material availability.

The management supports the food management policy and is responsible for implementing the policy, individual areas for achieving the set goals, and each employee for the quality of the work performed.


Ajdovščina, 28.04.2023

Tosla d.o.o., Primož Artač director