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Proprietary technology, deep industry knowledge and customer-centric approach. We deliver smart, transparent and customisable project execution that results in high performing nutricosmetics products.


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Proprietary technology, deep industry knowledge and customer-centric approach. We deliver agile, transparent, and flexible project execution that results in high-performing nutricosmetics products.


Advanced Collagen Formulations

All new formulations are developed according to your product strategy and marketing brief but continuously pursue high performance.

Our proprietary masking technology allows us always to follow a delicate balance between high function and excellent user experience. We can ensure high concentrations of active ingredients on one side and superior palatability on the other.

VELIOUS™ Masking Technology

Developed to pursue products with superior organoleptic properties.


High-performing Products Only

Real benefits for end customers are proven by ongoing clinical studies. 



Product Sensory Experiences

To fully understand the essence of our technology and differences in various formulations, we take you through a unique sensory experience of your new formulation. It is an essential part of co-creation, providing your direct feedback to our R&D team.

Additionally, you will learn about ready-to-drink collagen products’ unique convenience, consumer experience, and superior function compared to powdered alternatives.

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Live at our
R&D facility

360° experience with our research & development team.

Online with
expert facilitation

Guided sessions for your team at the convenience of your office.


Even though your product is designed based on our years of experience, a full-scale launch still includes a fair amount of risk.

That’s why we offer trial production runs on a smaller scale so you can test and validate your new product with real-life customers.

It means you will be able to test a product that will be the same as the final product, just without the risk of a large-scale production investment.

In-House Product Design

All products are designed with a customer-centric approach.

Multiple product formats

100% PET recyclable bottles, for a daily use or prolonged experience

Step-By-Step Project Development

Maximizing product desirability and minimising the risk.

Full - scale manufacturing service

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Additionally to ensuring high function and user experience, we give special attention to the safety and stability of your products.

Therefore we implemented the FDA, GMP, and FSSC 22000 certifications. In addition, we work on improvements and process optimizations daily.

This allows us to go from a prototype formulation to full-scale manufacturing in the shortest time in the industry.

Tosla FSSC 22000

Clinical & Sensory Studies

Clinical & Sensory Studies

Collagen and the awareness of its benefits have been with us for a long time, dating back to ancient China. However, we believe there is still a lot to explore, so we take a proactive approach, do the necessary research, and dig into the details.

We engage in clinical and sensory studies and run ongoing lab experiments to improve your products’ performance and user experience.

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Science-backed results that the end customer can see and feel.

Eliminate the

Make smart product decisions based on real customer data.

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