VELIOUS Collagen Masking Technology

Developed to pursue products with superior organoleptic properties.

Taste is the first and most important competitive driver when developing premium nutricosmetic products.
But when you're going for excellence, details like smell, color and viscosity are crucial as well.

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The Taste is Amazing!

Taste is the first and most important competitive and differentiation factor in liquid nutricosmetics. Thus, it is vital to find a proper balance between product functionality and palatability.

We believe that it is crucial to have a tasty product, which consumers are happy to be taking in the long run, that is why we have developed our proprietary masking technology, VELIOUS™, to achieve maximum palatability. The only currently known technology that gives liquid collagen products a more rounded and whole body and it helps to avoid the unpleasant occurrence of aftertaste.

To help you familiarize yourself with VELIOUS™ technology and the competitiveness of our products, we have prepared for you a tangible “collagen experience” in the form of a tasting kit. We will guide you through visual representations, the smell of the products, their texture, and palatability.

If you want to understand better what blurs the line between cosmetics and ingestible and makes beauty palatable, I challenge you to reach out to us through the form provided below, and we will send one of these to your address.

Color Consistency Through the Time

Color is another crucial aspect of ingestible products. Food changing color indicated instability. In addition to color change, there can also be an off odor and change of texture. If the product has developed these characteristics, collagen degradation may have occurred.

When collagen supplements change color, it is because of the Maillard reaction, a chemical reaction between sugars and amino acids in proteins.

Most of the collagen-containing liquid supplements on the market today are poorly designed. Thus, we can see a lot of liquids turning darker over time. The cause for this is a stability issue resulting in unwanted brown pigments, off-flavors, losses of essential amino acids, and even the formation of potentially harmful mutagenic properties.

The loss of essential amino acids is especially problematic for collagen supplements.

The video shows how different collagen formulations change colors over time. We took three different collagen products and compared their colors once freshly opened and after 30 days from opening. The first product contained sugars, the second one had naturally occurring sugars, and the third one was designed using our VELIOUS™ Masking Technology.

The difference is obvious! The product with sugars changed colors dramatically. The product with added flavors altered the color a little bit less. The product with VELIOUS™ Masking Technology kept the bright and vivid tone throughout the entire time. We can conclude that the stability of the product with VELIOUS™ Masking Technology is excellent, with no chemical reactions occurring and safe to consume.

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Viscosity Matters!

Viscosity is a critical factor to consider when choosing a collagen supplement. It depends on collagen molecular mass and collagen concentration in the product.

The higher the mass, the higher the viscosity.

The viscosity of collagen powder supplement diluted into 2dcl or more of water cannot be simply observed. However, it is much different with ready-to-drink liquid collagen supplements. The viscosity of 5g of collagen per 25ml dosage is much smaller than that of 10g of collagen per 25ml dosage and can be detected with a naked eye. The texture of 10g of collagen in 25ml dosage is almost honey-likevery thick and pours slowly.

It is technically impossible to dilute more than 10g of collagen into a 20ml dosage.

High concentrations are also problematic from a palatability point of view. The higher the collagen concentration, the worse the taste. No matter how much effort is put in, the awful taste of collagen can’t be completely masked. Poor collagen concentration inside the product would also mean lower cost from the manufacturer’s perspective and more profit. Pay attention to these details while reading manufacturer product specifications and pick your trusty supplier carefully.

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