Nutricosmetics Main Drivers: Taste, Taste and Taste! 

One simple rule: it has to taste good!

But let’s take a step back. 

Consumers are becoming more interested in achieving beauty from the inside out rather than relying solely on topical products. 

Nutrition has an important role in skin and body health. There is increasing scientific evidence linking skin health to nutrition, and nutricosmetics are designed to address specific skin concerns through the use of targeted ingredients. 

The advantage of edible cosmetics is, that it affects more than just skin, hair and nails. Consumers are becoming more interested in overall health and wellness and nutricosmetics offer a way to address skin concerns while promoting overall wellness. In other words, nutricosmetics addresses a holistic approach to skincare and body care. 

And consumers value when their favorite brand which they trust with their skincare products, can also offer them beauty supplements, which are a great addition to their already existing skincare routine. They also value convenience and products that are easy to use. While powders tend to dominate the fitness industry, liquid formulations are much more suitable for the beauty industry. Instead of having to mix and delude a scoupe of powder into 2-3 dcl of water, a single shot of read-to-drink beauty elixir feels more luxurious and prestige. 

Additionally, as consumers are getting more and more educated, they often look for products that are clinically tested and backed by scientific research. This is why TOSLA Nutricosmetics heavily invests in clinical studies, to be able to help the brands build awareness around their formulations. 

But the above is of little or no importance if the formulation is not tasty or palatable and it has an off smell

Taste is one of the primary senses that the body uses to evaluate food and drink. When something tastes good, our brain gets a signal that the food or drink is safe to consume and that the entire experience will be pleasurable. Now sometimes, we can ignore these alarming signals of bad taste. This practice is especially popular for foods that are high in essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and also collagen peptides. Many people believe that healthy foods are not tasty, enjoyable, or satisfying. 

Regardless of the positive effects these unpleasant, healthy or active foods might have most people prioritize tastiness over healthiness when choosing what to eat

Consumers are highly more likely to consistently take a product if they find it palatable. If a nutricosmetic product has an unpleasant taste, it is certainly more difficult for consumers to consistently take it as directed, which reduces its effectiveness. Taste can also play a role in consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty. If a consumer finds a nutricosmetic product to be pleasant-tasting, they may be more likely to purchase it again in the future and recommend it to others. On the other hand, when a product tastes bad, it can create a negative association and make the consumer less likely to continue taking it. Therefore, many nutricosmetic companies put a significant effort in making their products taste good to help people stick with their daily routines. 

We have you covered! 

Luckily, TOSLA Nutricosmetics has developed award-winning Masking Technology VELIOUS™, which is a powerful tool, a game-changer in masking the odor taste and smell of collagen and other active ingredients. 

This means not only our formulations are clinically proven with quality and stability ensured, but also provide a pleasant luxury experience. Whether consumers decide to take their daily dose in the morning, on an empty stomach, whether in the evening or before they go to bed, thanks to VELIOUS™ Masking Technology, there will be no aftertaste to disturb their day. There is no need to wash your mouth or brush your teeth after consuming, and no scare of bad breath.  

Yes, tasty nutricosmetics has a positive impact on consumer satisfaction and happiness. The entire experience is more enjoyable for the consumer to take it regularly, which increases the likelihood that they will stick to their supplement regimen. This helps them achieve the desired benefits on their skin, health, nails, and body more quickly and efficiently. 

Tasty formulations bring satisfied and loyal customers

But there is more to that. From a business point of view, the tasty formulations also improve consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Consumers who enjoy the taste of a nutricosmetic product are more likely to purchase it again and again and again. They will most likely recommend it to their friends and family as well. And the results? The increased reputation of your brand and elevated sales. 

So when deciding on your beauty formulation, make sure it tastes like a luxury not medicine. 

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