Deep Dive Into the World of Nutricosmetics: Trend Report 2024

Nutricosmetics, an amalgamation of “Nutrition” and “Cosmetics”, is a rapidly growing category that includes ingestible supplements that aim to give cosmetic benefits, like improvements to hair, skin, or nails.

To help us understand the current nutricosmetics market, cosmetics, and beauty brands tapping in as well as the trends shaping it, TOSLA Nutricosmetics teamed up with a great researcher and brand expert, Jennifer Carlsson, at Mintoiro, who conducted independent research on the nutricosmetics market and the brands creating it. 
Jennifer delved deep into the world of beauty supplements and created a multi-faceted analysis of the evolving trends within the global nutricosmetics industry. The report analyses 634 Nutricosmetics Brands from across the globe to surface insights on current trends and map the competitive landscape. 

The report covers: 

  • Design Trends 
  • Sustainability Practices 
  • Flavor Trends 
  • Pricing 
  • Social Media Trends 
  • Trending Brand Types 

For more data on the nutricosmetic trends read the abstract below. The full report is available at

Click on the image to see the report abstract.

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