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Nutricosmetics 2030: Collagen and the Vegan Trend Cocktail Party

It is well-known that we know how to combine business with pleasure at Tosla. And it was nothing different on 10 November at Nutricosmetics 2030 cocktail party with a DJ at Kavarna STOW, Ljubljana, when Tosla hosted industry experts, people from R&D, business partners, and friends of Tosla.

This was the 2nd episode of the event Nutricosmetics 2030, held by Tosla Nutricosmetics, with the red line being the dichotomy between Collagen and the Vegan trend.

Nutricosmetics 2030 is a series of biannual talks, panel discussions, and workshops on the vision of the nutricosmetics industry and where is it going in the following years.

Guests were greeted by Tosla’s CEO, Primož Artač, and David Carvalho, Chairman of the Advisory Board and followed by a discussion with our guest:

  • Jennifer Carlsson, a beauty brand expert at Mintoiro,
  • Chloe Martin, Vegan Trademark Business Developer in Cosmetics Industry at Vegan Society,
  • and Uroš Gotar, CIO at Tosla Nutricosmetics.

The topics such as the vegan hype, Global Nutricosmetics Map, differences between vegan and plant-based, the share of vegans vs. carnivores, and vegan collagen were addressed.

We also presented a short movie from the Tosla R&D team to the audience. The video explains the mechanisms of actions of collagen vs. vegan collagen booster, and the audience had the opportunity to taste both presented options – collagen and vegan collagen booster.

The last part of the event was a cocktail party with a DJ, a photo booth for creating memories, and collagen cocktails as a refreshment option.

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