Introducing the Fastest-Growing Label Technology to the World of Nutricosmetics

Traditional labels typically allow 40% coverage without secondary packaging, while shrink-sleeve labels provide nearly 100% package coverage and a compelling billboard effect.

Packaging and labeling are essential for seducing a potential consumer of liquid collagen; they are a decisive factor in the sale of a product.

The design, materials, finishes, functionality, and label type are vital considerations. One of the most recognized types in the beverages industry is a heat-shrink label, also known as a heat-shrink sleeve. Many times we observed the dilemma our clients have when designing the label. There is not enough space to cover all of the marketing wishes. The outer box is lovely as an addition to the traditional label, but clients often prefer to get the finished product without it. To respond to this query, we introduced shrink-sleeve technology as part of our offering.

Shrink-sleeve can help beauty and health supplement companies differentiate themselves from their competitors. Depending on the audience, the shrink-sleeve label can be aesthetic and straightforward. What is essential, it can adapt to the surface of any bottle and can conveniently take any container’s shape regardless of size or shape.

Nutricosmetics products on an aisle shelf have approximately 5 seconds to attract the attention of a potential customer. Not only does the packaging design plays a significant role, but also the type of label the container uses. One of the advantages of shrink-sleeves is that they get consumers’ attention. When printing your design on a heat-shrink plastic, the colors remain bright; the art adjusts not to lose its form when placed on the container, rapidly convincing the potential consumer that your product is the best.

Another great advantage of heat-shrink labels is their flexibility to modify the label design and add promotional messages, especially for special occasions and seasons, or create a discount promo to increase sales of some products with lower turnout.

In addition, a shrink sleeve can be an environmentally-friendly choice. It reduces the amount of the packaging since the bottles are not packed into additional outer boxes; after the content is consumed, the shrink-sleeve can be quickly and entirely removed, and the unlabeled bottle can now be used as a water bottle, shampoo bottle, vase, or something else.

To conclude, shrink labels are one of the labeling alternatives for companies that offer their products without secondary packaging as an outer box. In addition, shrink-sleeves offer practical packaging solutions with a labeling solution that is vibrant, engaging, and fun to enhance appearance and shelf appeal.

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