Reinventing Beauty: Unveiling Nutricosmetics and The Key Role of Collagen Peptides

In an informative article, BeautyMatter presents the study conducted by TOSLA Nutricosmetics. The article delves into the importance of collagen peptides within the nutricosmetics field and their impact on skin health and beauty.

The article is focusing on the science behind collagen peptides, emphasizing TOSLA’s rigorous clinical study and highlighting the proper procedure involved in conducting such research. The presented results show, that when ingested as part of a nutricosmetic regimen, collagen peptides work from within and influence dermis density and thickness, skin hydration, skin roughness, and wrinkle depth and volume.  

As the nutricosmetics industry continues to grow, the demand for scientifically proven benefits is on the rise. By shedding light on clinical studies, raising awareness, and educating readers, TOSLA, as well as BeautyMatter, show their dedication to offering valuable insights into the emerging field of nutricosmetics.  

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