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Beauty supplements
made for repeat buys.

The foundation of any retention strategy is a habitual use product, offering a scalable business model, designed for repeat buys.

Tosla is a 3rd party manufacturer of high-performing liquid supplements for the beauty & wellness sector.

Tosla FSSC 22000
Tosla FSSC 22000
Tosla Bottle Violet 500ml


Science backed + market proven.

Our best liquid collagen formulations target skin texture, density and hydration, that directly translate into reduced wrinkles and smoother skin. All clinically validated.

Our basic, yet powerful collagen peptide formulation with 5.000 mg of Tosla selected Collagen peptides and 80 mg of vitamin C.

Synergy of collagen (5 g) and MSM (1,5 g), resulting in improved skin texture and hydration as well as reduced wrinkles and fine lines.

Our best-selling combination of collagen (5 g) and hyaluronic acid (30 mg), offering superb hydration and skin texture improvements.

Double, 10 g collagen peptide concentration formula for even faster synthesis of new collagen and next-level skin hydration.

+ Focused Formulas

We are constantly pushing the boundaries with our ready-to-drink approach for skin and haircare.

An ingestible anti-acne formula targeting the root causes of acne, supporting clear and vibrant skin from the inside out.

The power of ceramides for enhanced moisture retention and collagen synthesis + strengthening your skin’s natural barrier.

A ready-to-drink hair-care formula targeting the root causes of hair loss and thinning throughout it’s growth cycle.

Ingestible formula designed to support basic sun protection, fight hyper-pigmentation and help reduce dark spots.

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Millions of
returning users

Focusing heavily on customer retention and habitual use, our product philosophy is built on 3 main pillars; simplicity, palatability, and validation.

We’re betting on the ready-to-drink liquid formulations, pioneering flavour technologies, and committing to a minimum of 1 clinical study every year.

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Increased LTVs + Bundle effect

Increased LTVs +
Bundle effect

Although the average gross margins of liquid beauty supplements are a little below of topical beauty benchmark (80% vs. 70%), the repeat buys and retention rates will more than make up for it, with the CLTV over 5 years being roughly 5 – 6 times over the topical skin care.

Additionally, beauty brands adding liquid supplements, report sales growth across the entire portfolio, due to the bundle effect of increased repeat buys.

Taste First.

Thanks to Tosla’s patented Velious™ flavour technology, we can effectively conceal the unwanted tastes of active ingredients and align product flavours with market trends and preferred tastes of targeted customer groups.

We are introducing taste as a critical driver of consumer loyalty in the beauty industry. Enjoyable flavours not only enhance the appeal of the products but also creates unique experiences for customers, encouraging consistent use and deeper engagement with your brand.

A Solid Regulatory

In an industry where the convergence of nutrition and beauty blurs traditional regulatory lines, establishing the efficacy and safety of products through solid scientific evidence becomes paramount.

By prioritizing clinical research, we are at the forefront of efforts to evolve regulatory frameworks, advocating for the development of clearer guidelines that can more accurately reflect the innovative nature of nutricosmetics.

Our commitment to scientific validation serves a dual purpose: safeguarding consumer trust and paving the compliant way for predictable business growth.


We invest considerable efforts towards improving our time to market by streamlining our development processes, prioritizing the most important product features, reducing decision-making time, using feedback loops, and improving collaboration and communication among teams.

By adopting agile practices, we are able to move quickly and efficiently, with cross-functional teams working together to accelerate product development and launch timelines.

Through this approach, we are able to offer the fastest times to market in the industry without compromising on quality or innovation.

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