BeautyMatter Next Award 2023 Nomination

TOSLA's main mission is to contribute to the development, progress and growth of the nutricosmetics sector. Market research shows that good taste is the only way to bring nutricosmetics close to consumers’ hearts and bellies.

Collagen, MSM and other high-performing ingredients often have an unpleasant taste, especially in liquid format which is proven to be the most effective in terms of absorption and convenience. To achieve the maximum palatability and to satisfy consumers’ needs we have developed a unique Masking Technology, VELIOUS™ 2.0.

Initially, the first generation of VELIOUS™ focused primarily on masking the taste of collagen, however, the improved 2.0 iteration can now mask other active ingredients as well. This allows us to achieve higher ingredient concentrations than ever before, making it a versatile solution for creating better-tasting and more effective products.

We are proud that the Beauty Matter Next Awards recognized us as one of the three finalists in the Best Breakthrough Technology (Supply Side). The Awards are dedicated to all businesses reshaping the future of the beauty industry by promoting fairness among all players, including multinational corporations, emerging brands, retailers, agencies, and suppliers. The primary focus is on adding value to the community and identifying unique opportunities and approaches. These awards distinguish themselves by emphasizing innovation, impact, and design to facilitate change and progress and we are happy to be recognized as one of the innovators in the industry. We believe that our technology is uniting the beauty, wellness and health industries and blurring the line between topical cosmetics and beauty supplements.

Congratulations to all the nominees! Together, we are disrupting the beauty industry.

Keep your fingers crossed for TOSLA and stay tuned for the Awards updates in October!

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