VELIOUS™ Masking Technology – The Game Changer in Collagen Formulations

Taste is a part of nutricosmetics brand identity and a gateway to a cornucopia of related products. We are very well aware of its importance. It doesn't matter how healthy, innovative, convenient, or sustainable a supplement is; if it is not palatable, it won’t sell.

In a recent article for BeautyMatter, Uroš Gotar, Chief of Innovations, revealed how Tosla is being built on the power of VELIOUS™ Masking Technology. Velious is our sweet spot and the key to a new delivery of unpleasant ingestible cosmetics ingredients. Formulations with a pleasing taste and mouthfeel would be preferred over a competitor’s product and translate into better acceptance and therapeutic value for the consumer, as well as revenue and repeat purchases for the beauty or wellness brand.

The Tosla R&D team has been laser-focused on improving palatability in nutricosmetics, developing a revolutionary masking technology that has raised the bar on performance and acceptability. 

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