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Tosla Nutricosmetics: Recap of 2021

For Tosla Nutricosmetics, 2021 was a defining year.

The COVID-19 crisis has brought many challenges to the nutricosmetics industry. Still, we also have to acknowledge that it helped strengthen its position on the market. Consumers have made a tremendous shift to more holistic beauty, from topical to edible cosmetics. In the past twelve months, we reaped the benefit of such behavior.

New Strategic Direction

This reaffirms our new strategic direction, where we shift our focus exclusively to the nutricosmetics industry. Coming from a food-tech and third-party manufacturing background, technologically, we are a perfect fit. In combination with solid knowledge of cosmetics, we can work on blurring the lines between food and cosmetics. We put in a lot of effort and resources to develop new technologies and capabilities that today allow us to produce one of the best liquid collagen formulas on the market.

In 2021, we have almost doubled our revenues. We successfully expanded to the UK market at the beginning of the year. Additionally, all EU markets in which we are present provided us with continuous growth and show strong potential for the future. In Q4, as a result of joined R&D and business development efforts, we landed our first major collaboration in the United States. This way, we’ve reached two of the big goals we’ve set for 2021. First, we’re expanding overseas. And second, we’re gaining a vital partner from the classic cosmetics industry, expanding their portfolio with a nutricosmetics product. This goes perfectly in line with the words of our Chief Innovation Officer and Head of R&D, Uros Gotar: “I believe that combining topical and edible cosmetics is the future of skincare.”

Now, as we’re growing bigger and more confident, we’re, of course, after larger projects and even more complex challenges. And to support that, in 2021, we more or less doubled our R&D capacity and ramped up manufacturing by about 50%. 2021 was also when we finished our new HQ building and invested in a new storage facility.

New Board of Directors

In December, Tosla Nutricosmetics announced the appointment of the New Board of Directors. The new Board will comprise five directors, four of them independent. David Carvalho as chairman of the Board and Olivier Goudineau, Branko Radulovic, Franja Ridzzi, and Primoz Artac as members. Tina Osojnik from InnoLegal and Anja Bergant from Capitalgenetics will assist the Board on all legal and financial matters.

”We are pleased to welcome all new board members,” said Primoz Artac, founder of Tosla Nutricosmetics. “Their deep experience in #beauty and #FMCG global businesses is invaluable to us as we grow and pursue our mission to serve the nutricosmetics industry.”

Future plans

Next year, we plan to reaffirm the good results from 2021. We project steady fifty percent growth over the course of a few years. We will need to continue increasing our production, storage, and R&D capacities to achieve it. We are entering 2022 as an industry leader. We plan to define a nutricosmetics standard in all aspects of our business – starting with corporate governance, environmental responsibility, and product safety.

Primož Artač concluded: “Our challenge is to lift this shady nutricosmetics, collagen, and supplements third-party manufacturing world that we compete in, onto a transparency level that suits corporate standards nowadays.”

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