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Optimizing Skin Health Through Nutricosmetics

Witnessing the blurring of lines happening on the ingredient front, Tosla is bringing its battle-proven liquid collagen formulations and innovative full-stack product development and production services to the beauty industry.

To better understand the sector’s unique requirements, Tosla tapped beauty and consumer goods industry veteran David Carvalho as the new Chairman and CEO, who brings three decades of experience to the role.

In the recent interview with BeautyMatter, David discussed the collagen opportunity and what makes Tosla a nutricosmetic innovator.

David has spent most of his career working on the topical beauty that all consumers know today. Some of these products are actually very productive, which is why women have been using skincare products for ages and why men are hopping on the bandwagon. But a powerful new trend has emerged that focuses not only on cosmetic appearance but on health—the healthier you are, the better you look! This has led consumers on a path of exploration focused on beauty from the inside out.  Interestingly, ingestible skincare products have become the foundation of this trend.

He decided to embark on this journey because he was intrigued by Tosla’s success in the food-tech sector and its ability to translate those innovations and learnings to the beauty industry. He goes on to say that he believes this trend is the future of skincare and that Tosla can deliver very high satisfaction to beauty-focused consumers.

Indeed, Tosla brings the right combination of strong food know-how and beauty expertise. This is what makes it different than all the other manufacturers. When it comes to collagen’s palatability challenges, covering the unpleasant taste of collagen is even more difficult when you consider that Tosla products come in super-concentrated liquid formats. The company does not compromise on quality formulations, developing them exclusively sugar-free. In addition to the company’s unique VELIOUS™ Masking Technology, this factor makes all Tosla products easy to digest and with a low concentration of calories per daily dose, delivering a unique tasting experience.

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