New Findings Published in the Nutrients MDPI Journal

TOSLA’s second clinical study has just been published in the esteemed international, peer-reviewed journal of human nutrition Nutrients MDPI, shedding new light on the benefits of our collagen dietary supplements.

Study Highlights: 

  • Objective: To evaluate the effects of daily supplementation with 5g hydrolysed collagen combined with 80mg vitamin C and 30mg of hyaluronic acid over 16 weeks. 
  • Method: A rigorous three-way, randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blind study involving 87 women aged 40-65 years. 
  • Key Finding: Products have significantly enhanced dermis density, improved skin texture, and reduced the severity of wrinkles. 

Having been published in the Journal of Functional Foods last year, has set a clear vision for the future. Today, we are proud to announce the publication of our second clinical study in the Nutrients journal. It underscores our commitment to scientific excellence and innovation in the field of beauty supplements,” says Uroš Gotar, Chief Innovation Officer at TOSLA. “The positive results reaffirm the effectiveness of our collagen products, and we are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of skin health solutions.”  

Primož Artač, TOSLA’s CEO, adds, “This study not only highlights the benefits of our products but also solidifies TOSLA’s position as a leader in the industry. We are dedicated to providing our clients and their customers with top-quality, scientifically-backed supplements for optimal skin health.” 
See the publication HERE or download the PDF version HERE.  

This study reinforces the efficacy of TOSLA’s collagen supplements in promoting healthier, younger-looking skin.  

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