Minimalist formulations are required for nutricosmetics too

Nowadays, we are witnessing the significant shift of consumers’ priorities regarding their beauty, wellness and health products. It is undoubtedly accelerated by the pandemic which made people reorganize their lifestyle and needs.

We can confidently say that the pandemic influenced, inter alia, the changing of the consumers’ focus to the environment on one side and health and wellness on the other. It is more and more common for consumers to prioritize healthy food and lifestyle which leads us to minimalistic products- products with less ingredients, preferbly the natural ones.

This shift to minimalistic approach has brought the more demanding task for all the innovation officers, as they should achieve more effective results with less active ingredients.

However, VELIOUS™ Masking Technology is making it look so easy.

“In line with the latest market trends, all our formulations are ready to drink and do not contain added sugars. To enhance the consumer experience we have developed in-house an innovative masking technology dubbed VELIOUS™, which enables us to create tasting formulations without compromising on added sugar to balance the awful taste of collagen,” says Uros Gotar, Chief Innovation officer at Tosla.

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