Ingestible Skincare: Increasingly Demanding Consumers

Since consumers are more educated about their options, active ingredients and health benefits, they become more demanding about the quality of these food supplements from which they expect a lot.

Therefore, it is crucial for a manufacturer to be on top of the innovation process and offer sophisticated products that answer their needs. Increased interest in ingestible cosmetics is paving the path for liquid collagen products, and Tosla Nutricosmetics can meet the quality expectations even the most demanding premium beauty brands might have.  

To be able to offer top-quality products, Tosla developed VELIOUS™ Masking Technology which enables to create tasteful and palatable formulations without compromising on adding sugar. Additionally, the top three best-selling formulations have been clinically tested which helps the brands to communicate with the end consumers. Tosla Nutricosmetics is a reliable business partner focusing on delivering palatable, stable, innovative and clinically supported products.  

High standards and partnerships with industry leaders help Tosla continuously grow, and the best is yet to come!  

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