Taste, the Missing Element of Your Retention Strategy

Integrating habit-forming principles into product development is crucial for customer loyalty. Drawing from James Clear's "Atomic Habits," focusing on making products attractive and easy aids in creating engaging and lasting connections with consumers.

In the recent BeautyMatter article, Primož Artač, CEO at Tosla Nutricosmetics, explains: “We harness deep insights into human behavior and neuroscience to inform our product design. Our patented VELIOUS flavor technology and strong focus on liquid formats exemplify our commitment to making each supplement intake a delightful experience, ensuring that supplements are effective and eagerly anticipated each day.” 
Our range of liquid beauty products showcases how well-crafted flavors can elevate the appeal and satisfaction of supplements, motivating individuals to use them daily, and fostering a sense of loyalty in the long run. This sensory gratification plays a crucial role in transforming sporadic usage into regular behavior, thereby promoting the formation of healthy habits, which in turn, lead to visible health and beauty results,” added Uroš Gotar, Chief Innovation Officer. 

By prioritizing sensory enjoyment and ease of use, Tosla not only fosters habitual use but also ensures sustained business growth in an increasingly competitive market. As beauty evolves to embrace holistic wellness, Tosla remains committed to innovating products that intertwine beauty and wellness seamlessly.

Beauty supplements, designed for repeat buys.

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